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We strive for delicious selections of quality meats, seasonal cold pressed juices, bubble tea, and a variety of other high quality, local products. Please see below or click here for a downloadable version.

 Rice paper wrapped with lettuce, vermicelli rice noodle, fresh cucumber, pickled carrots & daikons & choice of peanut or house sweet chili sauce. TWO rolls per order.
 Shrimp 3.95
 Grilled Beef 4.25
 Grilled Chicken   3.50  
 Grilled Pork   3.50  
 Tofu   3.50
 Veggie   3.50

 Shrimp Rolls (5) – whole seasoned shrimp in a spring roll wrap with sweet Thai chili sauce   4.25
Spring Rolls (3) - traditional Vietnamese pork & veggie mix in a spring roll wrap with sweet Thai chili sauce   3.95

 Seasoned broth served with rice noodles topped with fresh cilantro, scallions & sliced onions. Additions on the side include: fresh bean sprouts, lime, jalapenos & Thai basil.
 Green Mint Pho – sliced beef, meat balls &  brisket   8.50
 Beef Pho - sliced beef   7.95

 Chicken Pho 7.95
 small Pho  6.50

 Choice of grilled meat served over rice & freshly steamed veggies.
 Beef   7.75
 Chicken   7.50
 Tofu   7.25

 Vermicelli rice noodles served with fresh MINT leaves, bean sprouts, lettuce, cucumbers, pickled carrots & daikons, crushed peanuts & house sweet chili sauce.
 Green Mint Bun – grilled shrimp, pork & spring roll   8.50
 Grilled Shrimp   8.50
 Grilled Beef   8.50
 Grilled Chicken   7.95
 Grilled Pork   7.95
 Tofu   7.95

 Toasted Vietnamese sub with cucumbers, pickled carrots & daikons, cilantro, jalapenos & freshly made mayonnaise.
 Green Mint Banh Mi – assorted cold cut meats &  shredded chicken   4.95
 Traditional - seasoned pork with homemade pate  spread   4.95
 Grilled Chicken   4.95
 Grilled Pork   4.95
 Grilled Beef   5.50
Tofu   4.95
 Fluffy rice served with a fresh side salad & house sweet chili sauce. We recommend topping it all off with a sunny side up egg.
 Green Mint Rice – grilled pork & Shrimp topped with a sunny side up egg   8.50
 Grilled Shrimp   8.50
 Grilled Beef   8.50
 Grilled Chicken   7.50
 Grilled Pork   7.50
 Tofu   7.50
 Add any sunny side up egg   .99

 Traditional Vietnamese fresh salads with choice of sweet chili house sauce
 Green Mint salad – shrimp, chicken, cucumbers,  pickled carrots & daikons, fresh basil leaves &  crushed peanuts   7.25
 Chicken salad – sliced chicken, cabbage, carrots, fresh basil leaves & crushed peanuts   6.25

 A gluten free alternatives - choice of meat with fresh lettuce, scallions, carrots, mushrooms, crushed peanuts & choice of house sweet chili sauce or house sweet soy sauce.
 Chicken   7.50
 Pork   7.50
 Tofu   7.50

 For our Vegetarian who prefers fresh food. Please also check each area for tofu alternatives.
 Vegetable Hu Tieu – rice noodles in veggie broth topped with tofu, cabbage mushrooms, broccoli & choy    7.50

 1/2 Sandwich + 1/2 Chicken salad
 Your choice of Banh Mi   6.75

 Grilled Beef   7.50 

Add ONE Fresh Roll to any meal!

 Shrimp/Grilled Beef   2.25
 Grilled Chicken   2.25
 Grilled Pork   2.25
 Tofu   2.00

 Ice-Blended fruit smoothies served with sweet tapioca pearls

 Fresh Banana   4.25
 Coconut   3.95
 Durian   3.95
 Green Tea   3.95
 Honeydew   3.95
 Jackfruit   3.95
 Mango   3.95 Coconut   3.95
 Papaya   3.95
 Passion Fruit   3.95
 Peach   3.95
 Pineapple   3.95
 Strawberry   3.95
 Strawberry Banana   3.95
 Taro   3.95
 Thai Tea   3.95
 Watermelon   3.95



 Cold and refreshing
 Mint Lemonade   2.95
 Mint Sweet Tea   2.75
 Bottled Water   1.75
 Can Soda   1.50

 Served hot or cold
 Iced Vanilla Chai Tea   3.25
 Iced Thai Tea   2.95
 Iced Vietnamese Coffee   3.75
 Hot Vietnamese Coffee   3.75
 Hot Jasmine or Green Tea   2.25

Fruit Flavored Iced Tea
 All flavor available with Green or Jasmine teas
 Green Apple 3.95
 Lychee 3.95
 Mango 3.95
 Peach 3.95
 Strawberry 3.95
 Rasberry 3.95
 Add Boba or Mixed Jelly .50

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